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Happy Father’s Day from Westerville Pediatric Dental

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Well, it’s June again and we’ve once again grown accustomed to all the usual joys of a Westerville summer. The farmer’s market blooms on the corner, pools open, children return to the playgrounds in droves, and routines change from more strict school days to spring blooms and relaxed summer smells. As the calendar year changes and Father’s Day rolls around once again, we find ourselves in a changed landscape for dads–and fatherhood in general.

In the past 15 years or so, we’ve collectively managed to evolve what we collectively think of as “good fathers.” Fathers are more likely to take their children to the pool, the park, and to enjoy those summer breezes more than ever before. Being a more involved father can have wide-reaching influence over children, mothers, and even themselves! It turns out the best foot forward for fathers these days is to simply lead by example!

Dads today have an unprecedented opportunity to reshape the landscape of generations to come. Nurturing and caretaking are essential aspects of being a dad and this can have a lasting impact on everyone around him. Children mimic fathers more than mothers in many regards. What does that mean for dads? It means your kids are watching! So eat more fruits and vegetables! Brush your teeth twice a day, floss and make sure your children see you do it! Get active, make sure your children see you make great choices and leave a legacy of positive influence for generations to come. We here at Westerville Pediatric Dental will happily join you in setting a good example. Make an appointment today!