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Brush Up On Your Oral Health For Dental Hygiene Month

Do you call that clean?

We all have a tendency to indulge in a few bad habits here and there. We eat a little too much of something unhealthy, or we stay up too late watching a movie. Watching that movie, we might eat a bunch of sugary snacks and go right to bed because it’s so late. We’ve all done it. But October is Dental Hygiene Month! Before the onslaught of Halloween candy hooks its claws into your household, you can spend the bulk of October brushing up on some oral hygiene tips and tricks prior to tricks and treats.

The most significant cause of poor oral health is the bacteria in our mouths. Most of it is harmless, but if left unchecked, some of these bacteria can move into being harmful–both for your teeth and your gums. Some studies have shown that oral bacteria might even play a role in the development of some more serious diseases. What can we do about this? First and foremost, at the minimum make taking care of your teeth a twice daily activity.

These habits are beneficial in younger years, and like any habit, they can linger for years and years. Starting your kids with excellent daily practices–brushing twice a day (including the tongue) and flossing and eating a healthy diet is vital. If you join your kids in their dental routines, you can even get your own lapsed habits back on track while at the same time reinforcing your child’s commitment to good oral habits.

In addition to the stellar home oral health routines, it is also critical to keep up with your scheduled dental appointments as well. A quick check-up is often all it takes to see how your practices are working and identify any issues early, often preventing more invasive procedures. Call the Westerville Pediatric Dental office today if you are looking for a new pediatric dentist. Also, follow us on Facebook all October long so that you can learn tips and trick for keeping your hygiene habits healthy! We’ll see you there!

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