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Celebrating Father’s

Celebrating Father’s

Each June we celebrate Father’s and the significant impact they have on our lives. Father’s love, coach and inspire us to help us become the people we want to be. As children, we believe our Father’s are superheroes, and when we become adults and realize there never really was a cape, the admiration for our dads only grows.
It should come as no surprise that our father’s oral health habits influence their children. Seeing our Father’s brush and floss daily does make an impact on how our children develop their own oral health habits.
In fact, several studies have also shown a correlation between the amount of sweets parents and their children consume. Parents often get frustrated thinking they have no influence on their children, but recent studies are telling a very different story. These findings add additional pressure and responsibility to every parent to mirror healthy habits. What a wonderful reason to live a healthy lifestyle yourself and enjoy the benefits of taking good care of yourself. At the same time you are setting an example for your children to do the same, and impacting generations with your commitment to better oral and overall health.
All of us at Westerville Pediatric Dental would like to wish all Father’s and men who love and inspire their children. Make this the month to share your great health habits with your children. You will all be smiling bright!

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