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Check out our new Tree House play area and FUN gadgets!

Check out our new Tree House play area and FUN gadgets!


The Tree House Play Area:

Westerville Pediatric Dental knows children love climbing and playing. We want your child to look forward to visiting Dr. Joel and his dental team so we built a customized tree house for enjoyable crawling, climbing, and using their imagination. It’s pretty exciting! The realistic tree bark and wood paneling will remind you of the tree fort you built in grade school. The tree fort is encased in a canopy of leaves, which may gently rustle, with the current of the well-ventilated area. Safety is a priority. The wood paneling has been rounded and softened; and safety arms bars were provided for easy climbing within the area. A crawl space holds our resident stuffed bear, which is always ready for a “First Dental Visit” photo shoot. A parent-friendly “peeking” window is displayed from the waiting room. We have found that kids love to play “peek-a-boo” out the window as they smile and wave to their family from within the top level of the tree house. Age-appropriate IPads and game systems will be installed later on.

The IPad and Coffee Bar:

On the other side of the reception, the IPad and Coffee Bar are conveniently placed for older children and adults to use. Age-appropriate IPad games have been installed. The IPads are securely affixed to the counter. Restrictions are programmed in the kid-friendly IPads for safe use.  Your children will enjoy playing games like Angry Birds, Temple Run and MineCraft. The Keurig Coffee bar has originals and season-specific brews to appease your palate.

Netflix and Cushioned Dental Chairs:

As you lay down in our contemporary cushioned chairs, you will be able to find your favorite Netflix movie or series positioned directly above. We know how important shows like Sponge Bob, Pokemon, and Star Wars are to your child. We want every distraction possible to keep your child in a fun and inviting environment. The exam chairs are wider so there’s less of a feel of falling out of the chair when leaning back. We have programmed with 3 settings for optimal comfort, position, and efficiency. Try it- it feels like your laying on pillows! The chair leather is kid’s proof with its antimicrobial protection and ink/denim resistant technology.

Please be on the lookout for new updates to our office to make you and your family’s dental experience stellar!

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