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Choices Matter

It’s safe to say that everyone cherishes their ability to make their own choices. Young or old, we like to have a little bit of control over our lives. Nowhere is this more evident than in our food choices. If you happen to be an adult, it’s gratifying to reach for the ice cream or the cheesy, comfort food. If you’re a child, you always love when someone allows you a treat. And treats are important for all kinds of reasons. But did you know that eating a balanced, healthy diet in general can do wonders to boost your mood?

It’s true: Eating the right foods can actually make you happier. Nutrients such as iron and omega-3 fatty acids found in protein-rich food can boost your mood. This contributes to better overall mental well-being that can protect you against mental health issues. While the clear one-to-one is never a guarantee, it’s abundantly clear that a solid overall diet improves clarity, acuity, and resilience.

So, how does one build a sensible nutrition plan then? Healthy eating is all about eating balanced proportions of nutrient-rich foods from the various food groups, as well as adopting healthy eating habits. We could go on for days and days about nutrition, but we want you to know that Westerville Pediatric Dental wants you and your family to stay healthy and as happy as you can be in these challenging times. We’re here for you always. Feel free to reach out for tips, pointers, and a hearty “good job” when you need it!

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