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Don’t forget good food this summer!

We all know that good and proper nutrition is essential to our overall health. It can boost our energy, keep illness at bay, and even promote a longer and more comfortable life! Our actual diet can help or hinder a healthy mouth in direct ways. This is true most of all for our children. But what if your kid hates the fruits and veggies? What if you can’t seem to wean them off of the junk food and soda? There are ways you can help them into new habits without losing your mind.

At Westerville Pediatric Dental, we’re trained to work with kids–all day, every day. And along the way, we’ve learned some tips and tricks for fickle eaters. The trouble tends to be that kids change so fast. Having a child turn up their nose at vegetables might easily be solved by taking the first bite yourself. Try this! It might open up a whole world of adventurous eating. It might pass, too.

The real trick is figuring out what works for whatever stage you and your kids are in. Food choices are complicated and fascinating. There are lots of great foods out there, plenty of great tastes, and each food group has a great story to tell. If you can remain calm in the face of your picky eater, create some consistency, and make sure they sit down to meals when they’re hungry, you can start building some good healthy eating habits. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are right around the corner. If you need specific advice, Westerville Pediatric Dental will be happy to come up with more tips and tricks for your picky eater! Call us today to see how we can help.

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