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Food Choices are Important!

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body that’s able to fight off infections and function properly. This is common knowledge for most folks. But just as many don’t eat well for a number of reasons: lack of knowledge, hectic schedules, being too tired… After all, it’s faster to microwave a meal or stop at a fast food joint than it is to prepare a healthy meal. Unfortunately, bad nutrition can lead to a whole host of problems, including high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, poor sleep and lack of energy.

The good news is that those bad patterns are reversible. The start of a healthy diet begins with some easy nutrition basics. Good nutrition isn’t about counting calories. It starts with knowing which foods are healthy, learning how to swap bad foods for good foods, and knowing your body’s specific nutrient requirements for your activity level.

One of the easiest modifications? The food swap. Swapping unhealthy foods for healthy foods can improve your health and wellness. Better food in will increase the strength of your bones and teeth, improve your energy levels and mental clarity, decrease your weight, improve your sleep, and even reduce your risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

Handily enough, the other factor that figures into forging new patterns is also easy to achieve. Time. Once you’ve swapped some food items (or even some bad habits for better ones!), simply stick with it. Easy, right? Be in it for the long haul, just like we here at Westerville Pediatric Dental are. We are here for you and your family always. Call us today to schedule your checkups!

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