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Happy Mother’s Month!

Westerville Pediatric Dental celebrates mother’s all year long, but in the month of May we like to take time to pay special attention to all the positive ways that mothers impact our lives. 

From infancy, mothers influence how their children behave in social and emotional situations, which continues as they grow. Children learn trust and emotional security from their mothers at an early age. This gives kids the confidence they need to grow well and forge new relationships with both their peers and other adults. Unconditional love, and the reassurance that love is constant makes them feel secure in the ever-changing world that we live in. Perhaps Mitch Albom put it best when he said, “I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.” 

At Westerville Pediatric Dental we are blessed to see the power of a mother’s love on a daily basis. We lean on our moms here for insight into what makes their children happy. Is it Star Wars, Sponge Bob or My Little Pony that we should play on the TV during their exam? We celebrate the No Cavities Checkups and memorialize those first visits to the dentist! We also collaborate with moms on how to motivate their children to keep brushing twice a day and to eat healthiy!

If you are looking for a Pediatric Dentist in the Westerville, we would love to welcome you to our practice, our team of motherly advice and insight, and show you what having fun at the dentist is all about! Call us today!

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