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Meanwhile, keep on keeping on.

We don’t need to tell you that there are many parts of our former normal that remain up in the air. We thought it would be a good time, as summer looks to whatever fall might bring, to remind you that taking care of your mouth and keeping track of your children’s dental development is not an elective. Now more than ever, dental health experts say people should be diligent about their personal health at home—whether it’s focusing on their diet, exercise or oral health.

For us at Westerville Pediatric Dental, it means setting new patterns for mouth-healthy decisions. The health of your mouth is also impacting your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, and even your brain. Good nutrition is vital to overall health and whether we’re big or small, short or tall.

And snacks, as we think about the upcoming school year, become that much more important. What we eat for snacks doesn’t have to be an exception to an overall healthy diet. The first thing you can do is think about what you’re eating. Does it have processed sugar in it? It turns out that the plaque on kids’ teeth loves to eat sugar, too! Plaque is bad news for any teeth, let alone tiny, growing ones. A less sugary choice would be a better one.

Another thing to consider is keeping a good schedule. With so much out of our control—especially for kids—a regular schedule can make a world of difference in everything from mood to resilience to sleep patterns. Regular exercise, regular healthy meals, regular brushing times… It can all add up to greater health, less anxiety, and less depression, should that be an issue.

If you’d like specific advice, Westerville Pediatric Dental can come up with more tips and tricks for your lifestyle and your lunch bags! Call us today to see how we can help. This year, be sure to pack your little ones off (or in!) with not just one apple, but two!

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