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Nutrition Counts with Oral Health

Westerville Pediatric Dental takes pride in educating both patients and parents on how to care for those beautiful smiles. As we all know, nutrition is vital for the development and health of children, what you may not realize is that a well-balanced diet is just as crucial for the development and health of their teeth and gums. Proper nutrition and supplying the body with the nutrients it needs helps the body resist infection and fight off disease, and protect the teeth.
It is essential that your child’s diet includes a wide range of fruits and vegetables, cheese, fruits (especially those that contain a high amount of water) and good sources of calcium, including milk, yogurt, and broccoli.
What your child snacks on and how they snack also contribute to oral health. Snacking all day is not good for your child’s teeth. A recent study of four thousand pre-school children found that those who snack all day instead of eating three healthy meals are at a higher risk of tooth decay. The same study found that while good brushing habits definitely helped, it didn’t fully negate the impact of sugary snacks. Eating starches and sweets at mealtime can help, the mouth has higher amounts of saliva during these times and can help wash away and counteract some of the acid producing bacteria.
Snacking all day isn’t the only issue, sipping or drinking all day may also be cause for concern. The adage goes, sip all day and get decay. The reason for this is that the bacteria that live in all our mouths feed off of constant contact, harming your child’s teeth. Whether they are sipping milk, juice or soda the damage from continuous sipping is real. Think water as the best beverage to use when using a sippy cup. If you have specific concerns about your child’s diet, we are always happy to provide guidance and education to help keep your child’s beautiful smile that way for a lifetime!

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