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A crown may be needed if your child’s tooth is decayed or broken to the degree that there is a small amount of the tooth remaining or if your child is at high risk for future tooth decay. This type of damage can be caused by decay, trauma, or poor development. Crowns, also known as caps, slide over teeth to protect the remaining tooth structure from future decay. Crowns will help your child to chew food properly, allow normal speech development, and assist with guiding other teeth into position.

For baby teeth, we recommend silver stainless steel crowns in the back of the mouth. They are temporary as they only serve the lifetime of the baby tooth. Crowns are completed in one visit. We use white crowns for the front teeth.

Pediatric dentists use crowns for the following situations:

  • Large cavities that can’t be treated with a filling.
  • Several and extensive cavities in very young children.
  • Teeth at risk for more cavities if a filling were placed.
  • Teeth better served to treat once, and they typically last until the permanent tooth comes in.
  • Children who grind their teeth.
  • Large fractured or cracked teeth.
  • Severely broken down permanent teeth from natural defects.