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Digital X-rays

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Digital X-rays (radiographs) allow us to deliver state-of- the-art, high-quality dental images that will immediately be displayed on the computer. X-Rays are critical to complete your child’s dental examination to help find cavities, especially between the teeth. Without X-rays, many dental conditions will be missed. Earlier diagnosed cavities allow less invasive treatment. Less invasive treatment may include white fillings rather than silver crowns.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends radiographs and examinations every six months for children with a high risk of cavities.

We take X-rays based on the cavity-risk of your child. As a pediatric dental office, we are particularly careful to minimize radiation exposure to our patients. Present day technology allows the amount of radiation from a dental X-ray to be very small.

The steps of taking X-rays include:

  • Your child is introduced to the X-ray process.
  • A “protective blanket” or lead apron is placed over your child as a shield.
  • The “picture cookie” is positioned in the mouth.
  • Your child is asked to bite down, and be “as still as a statue.”
  • The “Buzz Lightyear camera” is positioned, and a beep indicates a picture is taken.
  • The picture is immediately sent to the computer screen, and able to be viewed.
  • The picture is immediately sent to the computer screen, and able to be viewed.

What are dental X-rays used for?
Dental X-rays are extremely helpful and handy diagnostic tools. Some of their main uses in pediatric dentistry include:

  • Monitoring and diagnosing tooth decay.
  • Assessing the amount of space available for permanent teeth.
  • Checking whether primary teeth are being lost in a good time for adult teeth to emerge properly.
  • Evaluating the progression of bone disease.
  • Planning treatment, especially orthodontic treatment.
  • Revealing bone injuries, abscesses, and tumors.
  • Revealing impacted and problems with wisdom teeth.