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The goal is always to keep teeth healthy and present in the mouth. Sometimes a tooth is unrestorable, meaning a filling won’t work to save the tooth. When too much of a tooth has been damaged, we may recommend an extraction (or tooth removal). Delaying a recommended tooth extraction may lead to pain, infection, and hospitalization. We offer several types of sedation to keep your child comfortable.

Extraction indications include:

  • Unrestorable or severely broken down teeth.
  • Active dental infection is affecting the pulp and surrounding bone.
  • Teeth prescribed by an orthodontist for extraction.
  • Strategic extraction to encourage normal tooth eruption.
  • Baby teeth that are overly-retained.
  • Extra teeth affecting are normal tooth eruption.

The steps to a dental extraction include:

  • We use age-appropriate language to discuss the procedure and make your child relaxed.
  • “Laughing gas” or another type of sedation is typically used to comfort your child.
  • Your child is shown the gauze tissue to dry the gums.
  • Once the gauze tissues thoroughly dry the area, and the jelly is applied for a few minutes to allow topical anesthesia to start the numbing process.
  • Your child is shown a “tooth chair” to bite down on before the tissues and jelly are applied.
  • Your child is distracted by various techniques and fully numbed at the same time.
  • The complete numbing effect takes a few minutes, but the effect is quicker in children.
  • The tooth is loosened and removed, and placed in a “Tooth Fairy Box” to take home.
  • Gauze and tissues are applied over the tooth socket to halt the bleeding.
  • You and your child are provided with home care directions and expectations for the next few days.