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We believe in correcting cavities when they pose a risk to your child. Preventing cavities and gum disease are our goals. Our mission at Westerville Pediatric Dental is to provide many different methods to decrease risk for cavities.

Tooth-colored Fillings:

Most cavities can be fixed using a simple filling (restoration). This involves cleaning out the damaged tissue of the tooth and replacing it with a white composite material.  When needed, white fillings play a critical role in maintaining your child’s overall health. Cavities are like bad car parts that tend to get worse over time. We believe bonded tooth-colored fillings provide perfect color blending to promote a healthy white smile. They work well for damaged baby (primary) and permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentists use fillings for the following situations:

  • Small-to-moderately sized cavities.
  • Cavities in between teeth we call “flossing cavities.”
  • Cavities that have shown growth between check-ups.
  • Broken teeth from trauma.
  • Small teeth that require bonding for a normal esthetic tooth size and shape after braces.
  • Front teeth with deep white or colored spots that don’t improve after whitening.