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Root Canal Treatment and Pulp Therapy

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Root Canal Treatment and Pulp Therapy:

Sometimes, tooth decay reaches the pulp or nerve of the tooth. Blood vessels and nerves reside in the pulpal tissue. A root canal treatment or pulpotomy is a way to remove infected tissue and save the tooth. Once decay enters the pulp, it may cause sensitivity, pain, and a more widespread infection. Dr. Richards will consider root canals if he believes the infection is beyond the reach of other treatments, and is in the best interest of your child.

Dr. Richards is experienced in repairing damaged teeth for children and adolescents of all ages. In most cases, pulp therapy can be prevented. We recommend checkups twice a year to locate cavities before they require root canals and pulp therapy. Our goal is to focus on keeping your child as comfortable as possible.

Pulp therapy may be recommended:

  • To maintain the vitality of a tooth.
  • To prevent tooth extraction.
  • To protect the pulp and nerve of the tooth.
  • To allow for normal growth and development.
  • To relieve dental pain.
  • To prevent the need for a space maintainer.