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Dental Cleanings:

At Westerville Pediatric Dental, we believe professional prophylaxis (dental cleanings) are vital for your infant, child or adolescent. We love to teach proper brushing and flossing techniques, as well as individualize methods to fight back at bacterial plaque and cavities. We employ rubber cups with gentle polishing agents to remove germs and stains. If your child has dental tartar or calculus, we may use dental scalers or a vibrating water-pick called a cavitron to accomplish an optimal reduction of germs and build-up. We believe prevention of cavities and gum disease is important to dental health.

Our first step is to show your child our silly animal rubber cups or toothbrush, and demonstrate how it tickles their fingernails so they can know what to expect. Many children respond well to having the parent’s fingers used first, and then they model the behavior on their finger before trying on their teeth.

Westerville Pediatric Dental uses dental cleaning appointments to teach optimal oral hygiene techniques to all ages. Oral hygiene practice at home is a daily health habit just like taking a shower.  Sometimes it helps our patients understand by seeing their “cavity bugs” in the plaque stained red with a dye. Red dyes are implemented for children that require extra attention to oral hygiene measures. It is important to establish proper oral hygiene protocol as early as possible.

Here is how we utilize your dental cleaning appointment:

  • Instruct in oral hygiene techniques.
  • Remove bacterial plaque, tooth stain, and calculus.
  • Facilitate a visible dental field for examination.
  • Introduce dental procedures for the young and apprehensive child.
  • Assess each patient individually.
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