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Did you know that Westerville Pediatric Dental does frenectomies in our office? A frenectomy, while a big word, is just the medical term for resolving a tongue- or lip-tied infant. With a simple laser procedure done locally in our office, a frenectomy can resolve a number of infant oral issues with very little discomfort. The procedure is quick and the results are amazing. We understand that the procedure may sound scary, but it’s actually quite simple.

We take great care to ensure frenectomy procedures are comfortable and convenient. Your child’s comfort is further enhanced through our use of gentle laser techniques. With our gentle laser approach, you or your family member can experience a relatively painless, quick procedure. Recovery time is minimal as no incisions or sutures are typically required.

Certified pediatric dentist Dr. Richards has a very family-oriented approach, helping all kids in their care have a positive and fun dental experience. At Westerville Pediatric Dental, we’ve always cared a great deal about preventive care for your kids’ oral health. The more we can empower ourselves with new technology and services to take better care of your whole kid’s smiles, the better we all are. Visit our website to schedule a consultation. 

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