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Summer sun and summer convenience!

Well, there’s no mistaking it. It’s just hot out. Hot and sticky here in Westerville. And many of this summer’s major sports tournaments are reeling from the heat all over as well. We feel compelling to remind you that the best hydration choice for little, growing teeth is water. Skip a soda. Take a pass on the tea. But summer provides a number of other good reasons to come schedule an appointment with us.

Why summer? Well, if there’s some work to be done or orthodontics, summers provides more time to adjust for little people and bigger ones. Kids can also enjoy a brighter smile as they bounce from pool to pool! As well, summer appointments can give you the opportunity to meet any insurance obligations you may have so you can realize those benefits toward the holidays when out-of-pocket expenses can be better spent.

But the best reason? The chief reason for summer scheduling? Convenience! The kids very well know that summer means school’s out. For parents, though, this can often mean an easier time making various appointments happen. And at Westerville Pediatric Dental, scheduling has gotten easier than ever before! We now offer online scheduling for your convenience. There’s a great new button on our home page for you to explore.

Call us or click today to see what we can do for your family this summer.

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