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We made it to December.

Finally, we’ve reached December in 2020. In a year that many of us thought would never end. As Santa gathers to prepares his annual list, we’re pretty sure 2020 will be getting a whole bunch of coal. But you and your family? You’ve been perfect angels. You’ve been nice. We know you’ve been nice. We can tell because you hang out with nice people and you have a nice family. Despite it all, it’s the season to be nice, spread niceness, and think about nice things. 

It’s always time to keep your smile nice as well! At Westerville Pediatric Dentistry, we are nice people, too and here to help your whole family through the holidays. We know the dental care your children receive helps ensure they have a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. So on the first day of your holiday celebrations? Get into a new, good habit. Brush twice a day for at least two minutes. You can sing your favorite carols to yourself.

On the second day? Tell your nice friends about he great care you and your family receives with us. We’ve all been impacted by the extraordinary hardships of this year. Should you feel like spreading the good stuff this year, we would love your referrals. They are the best kind of compliment you can give us and we are happily accepting new patients.

And while you’re thinking about us, on day three, don’t forget to schedule with your favorite pediatric dentist in Westerville, Ohio! If you or your children are due for a checkup, a cleaning, or need some work done, December is a fine time! Call our office today and our nice staff will be happy to set you up an easy and convenient appointment. Happy holidays from the best pediatric dentist in central Ohio!

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