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Westerville Pediatric Dental Would Like to Welcome You to the Family

Westerville Pediatric Dental Would Like to Welcome You to the Family

Westerville Pediatric Dental feels honored to have an amazing team that cherishes learning methods to improve the care of our patients. The Ohio Dental Association Annual Session provided a collaborative effort to offer continuing education unique to our patient’s needs. The conference was centrally located within the Convention Center in Columbus. The Annual Session ran from Thursday to Sunday.

The first session we attended was about evidence-based practices on prenatal and infant oral care. We learned about identifying the impact of maternal oral health on the oral disease status of infants and young children. We believe it is vital to deliver quality infant and maternal oral care because they are both interrelated.

Here are a few pointers we learned:
1. Cavities are transmissible from parents by bacteria-sharing habits like kissing the baby’s mouth, “cleaning” the pacifier with your mouth before placing in your infant’s mouth, and even pre-chewing food for your infant or toddler.
2. Parents with cavities are much more likely to transfer their cavity-causing bacteria to their child.
3. Cavity-causing bacteria hides in the tongue even before a baby tooth has erupted!

Our team is passionate about providing the best care possible, which is why we invest in education and technology. How we treat our patients is just as important to us. We believe in providing hospitalities that only a family could give, similar to traveling to grandma’s home for Thanksgiving dinner. Upon knocking on the door, grandma opens up enthusiastically and gives you a warm greeting and a tight hug, hangs your jacket and ushers you into a dining room you are happily familiar with. Here at Westerville Pediatric Dental we aim to provide care that grandma would be proud of. Call us today to schedule an appointment and join the family!

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