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You know, dad…

Father’s teach us so many valuable lessons–some we know and some we don’t. They very often shape the people we become and how we lead our life. Most of these life lessons inspire us to live our lives striving to be smarter, work harder, and set a good example for anyone who may be watching.

The notion of actions speaking louder than words is especially true when it comes to our children following the leads of their dads. While we may not realize it is happening, studies have proven that what we do in front of our children has a far greater impact than what we say or tell them.

Teaching our children the importance of taking care of their oral health is no exception. A recent study found that fathers had a larger impact on oral health than mothers. Strange but true. Unfortunately, men are less likely to follow recommended oral health routines, like brushing twice a day and flossing everyday. Men are also less likely to visit the dentist for regular check-ups. The consequences of this? Studies citing that men have more gum issues, periodontal disease, a higher risk of losing teeth throughout their lives, and men have double the incidence of oral cancers than that of women.

So this month why not make it a priority to take better care of your smile, if there is room for improvement. Make it a point to show your child or grandchild that oral health is important to you. We bet that taking care of their own smile becomes more important. Do like dad does! Westerville Pediatric Dental would like to wish all the wonderful fathers, grandfathers, and men out there that have shaped children’s lives a very happy father’s day!

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